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This is our business card. Wow.


Still defying sanity!

Jon's Dead  Bird Scrapbook!

Archives: Audio, video, general nonsense

and way too many pictures


Video Files

TV ad - September 2006

Gonzo advertising strikes the Yuma airwaves.

The Angelina Session

The actual taping of "Angelina" from "Big Fog" on location at the ladies loo of the Yuma Buffet Bar.

This also appears on the Big Fog Album page

TV ad - March 2004

This ran on KYMA/Ch. 11 in the weeks before St. Patrick's Day 2004. Note "Accordion Yoga" Nick

as he dances across the screen.

Angelina Again

After the original taping of "Angelina," dragging all besotten willing participants into the

ladies bathroom to belt out the song became a ritual when performing at the Yuma Buffet.

This rendition took place at Patti's Send-off on December 14, 2004.

Dana McDaniels at Lutes

From a performance at Lutes Casino, late 2005. We're pleased to have gleaned these few seconds

of band performance from among the many sterling shots of James and Mary Miller and the dusty

crap on the ceiling at Lutes.

St. Patricks '07 TV commercial - wmv

St. Patricks '07 TV commercial #2- wmv

Way Too Many Pictures

CRK Plays Ren Faire '07

St. Patricks 06 photos

Las Jornadas, San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora - 4/22/05

St. Patrick's 05 Photos

Patti's Send-off Party, 12-14-04 - Matt's Photos

Patti's Send-off Party, 12-14-04 - Photos

St. Patrick's 04 photos - vol. 1

St. Patrick's 04 photos - vol. 2

Photo Gallery

Work O' the Weavers--a rehearsal recording warped into video

Archived Stuff

Nick Survives Hawaiian Quake

CRK Gets Alaksa Airplay

We're the Best and Everyone Else Bites 2005

The Recording of "Big Fog"

Photos, audio and video from CRK's first CD, complete with shots inside the now-departed Yuma Buffet Bar.

Oahu Pipedreams....

The Recording of "No Bedrolls or Backpacks"

St. Pat's 06 Poster

The Chair Page

First Home Page

Here's the original "bio" Home Page as designed and published by Nick Bartlone in the

spring of 2003, complete with charter members.

Halfway to St Patrick's Day - Here

An ad from our 2005.

 Patti's Send-off     


                Web announcement

                 for Patti's send-off

This is the handbill for Patti's send-off that was posted at the Yuma Buffet.

Handbill - March 2004

Here's a performance handbill for our dates leading up to St. Patrick's Day.

Suggested Chuckawalla RK logo

Submitted by Perry. Perry is smokin' somethin' late at night.

Yuma Buffet Closes

It wasn't a real fancy bar, but, dammit, it had heart. CRK's home pub closes.

Yuma's Best Band 2004

We are wonderful. Just ask the readers of the Sun. A handbill for our 2004 win.


Seeing the Virgin at Lutes

Yes, it's true. Apparitions of the Virgin Mary appear when CRK plays Lutes Casino.


Personality and Ego

Lori's Page

Nick's Page

Colby's Page

Jon's Page



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