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Testing Jon's knowledge and patience

CRK discovered that Jon was an avid "birder" and some of us began to challenge his knowledge

by pointing out specimens with, "Hey Jon, what's that one?"  The handiest specimens are the

ones that are....well, slower moving. And sometimes crawling with ants. Mad Dog does his best

to identify what's left of them. Here are a few challenges from his scrapbook.



        A window kamikaze...gone less than two hours and already eyeless. Of course,

           no eyes may be the reason it smashed into the window at 30 mph.



                                       Matt was a foot from the window and jumped out of his skin when this one

                                                   kamikazed into the plate glass of our second story office. Jon later identified it

                                                  as a black headed grosbeak and Matt was able to curse it by its proper name.


This red tailed hawk was diligently poisoned by free enterprise agribusiness.



                                                          These mangled featherwads were identified as blue martins.


Five dead beeeaters. Has a nice ring to it, huh?



                                                                            Found this on the web, titled "Stress Test." There's a story here.....


Obviously faked....unless it was knocked out the sky with a paintball gun.



                                                                             Lori's brother, Jim, sent this to add to the collection. He swears it's a dead

                                                                             bird that someone defiled with a cigarette butt, but we defer to Jon's

                                                                             experienced eye.


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