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Yuma's Best Band '06


Why does your band

have such a

weird name?


No Bedrolls

or Backpacks





































Studio photos courtesy

            of Pete Self

Irish Music - Yuma - Irish Music - Yuma - Irish Music - Yuma - Irish Music - Yuma

 The Band:   Lori Stofft, Lorna Bright, Jon Knudtson, Colby Girard



  The instruments: Guitar, accordion, bass, fiddle/mandolin

The Tunes: Mostly vocals, still leaning heavily on the Clancy Brothers/Tommy

Makem catalog but morphing daily into that category best but clashingly

described as contemporary traditional Irish.


 Performance descriptions: "Great fun" "Spirited" "Raucously entertaining"

 "Pretty good when sober" "Not as good as the Waterboys but nicer to look at"

"You guys are LOUD" "When does the band start?"

PG13: No blue language is employed, only green, in singing about

love, life, work, drinking, fighting, wenching, dangling Scotsmen



                 A round for the band:


                      Old Frothingslosh                      Stiff Tom Collins                     Vodka Hotentot                              Drano Ale

                      The Stale Pale Ale for

                        the Stale Pale Male


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