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Recording 12-6-05

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Studio photos courtesy

            of Pete Self


CRK pulls another one out of the Great Celtic Lizard Netherness



Lori is cursing the quirks of Quark as she prepares the cover art, Jon has a roaring in his ears that sounds like Lou Gramm with pneumonia and Lorna is merrily--nay, gleefully--packing for Hawaii. The master disk of our new CD is crammed inside a Fed-X envelope parked at a dark warehouse somewhere in New Jersey. Welcome to the no man's land between recording a new CD and having a new CD.

It's everything we wanted and nothing we expected. It's happy and sad, deep and frivolous, spirited and thoughtful, spiritual and carnal, Burns and Allen, Ben and Jerry. When things went awry, we panned them hard right and added lots of reverb in the hope that someone would mistake them for art...or jazz. Colby blames all of his questionable musical moments on the stale Budweiser smuggled out of Democratic Heaquarters in the dead of night. Budweiser....what were we thinking?

In the end, it had to end, and end it has. May it be an end to end all ends...endlessly, one hopes, that we have seen the end of cranky condenser mics, crappy headphone mixes and apoplexy-inducing faders and pots. Lord save us from faders and pots. When recording artists get the DT's, they don't see snakes; they see faders and pots, faders and pots, fa...

Is the new CD any good? We don't know. Ask us in six months.


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