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The "We'll Play If They're Payin'" Tour


Arizona Marketplace, March 13 - Poi Dog is back!

Mary ran around the edge of the stage, trying to eat and/or crush the

plastic shamrock lights.

Like mother, like daughter.

Nick gets some action.

I turned around with a camera in my hand and this is what I saw.

What was I supposed to do?


Mary and Patti.

Fabio takes a moment to grab a snack.

The Yuma Buffet Bar, March 13.

Draft beer and Bushmills make Colby look like this.

Chuckawalla ladies traditionally receive several proposals

of marriage in the course of our annual St. Pat's marathon.

Note the mic stand rigged from a pool cue and gaffer's tape.

They should give awards for this stuff.

Nothing says "I'm easy" like lying on the floor of a bar.

Monica shepherds her inebriate flock.

Jerry, the owner, and Poi Dog.

Poi Dog and kin on Main Street, March 14.

Yuma Crossing Park Concert Series, March 14.

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