Yuma Buffet Bar Closes Doors


The Yuma Buffet closed its doors on Sunday, March 20, 2005. The City of Yuma will assume

ownership of the Hotel del Sol building soon and move on the plans to renovate the building

as a transportation hub. Jerry, Yuma Buffet owner, couldn't get a response from city

government about the timetable and his chances of continuing to lease the space, and,

as he put it, “Damn if I'm just gonna sit here and wait.” We asked Jerry what his plans are

and he smiled and said, “Goin' fishin'”


The Buffet was home base for the Chuckawalla Rhythm Kings for many years. A small,

unpretentious, friendly bar, it was a great place to try out new material—or new members.

In recent months, we rehearsed in the reading room on Tuesday nights. Plus, heck, we liked

to drink there.


The Chuckawalla Rhythm Kings salute the Yuma Buffet.

The Buffet as it appeared to the world, with the famous "No Bedrolls or Backpacks" sign.


Jerry at the bar with a couple of regulars.

Jerry says he sold the long bar with the license.

The reading room.

The last gathering of CRK at the Buffet, after all performances on

St. Patrick's Day 2005.


Nick ceremonially salutes and toasts the Buffet's passage into history.