On August 3, 2001, the first lineup of CRK stumbled onto the stage at the Yuma Theatre:

Overworked, underrehearsed, joyfully sweaty, fiercely artful, decidedly progressive with a

neon skunk stripe of Catholic guilt.

It was a glorious night. The lights were blinding. The ringing in the PA was perfect. Nick,

buoyed by the glow of the stroke-soothed crowd, took the threadbare strands of "Nothing

at All" and composed/performed a new song on the spot. In hesitant...three-part....harmony.

Somewhere there's a tape of this momentous occasion, now lost forever...though probably

jammed between a crack in the kid-crusted seats of Lori's now-traded white Jeep.

But no matter. You can witness a small brass testament to the event, stuck on the back of

a chair at the very same Yuma Theatre. We attach this certificate as proof.