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  St. Patrick's 04 photos


  Nicky Sings!


Ken Hunt assortment of Nick photos


         Our wandering boy wows the crowd at Bayfest 2007, opening for Gretchen Wilson and Alan Jackson

         with the Marine Corps Pacific Show Band . See more at: Nick's iWeb Slideshow


Oktoberfest 2006

Kailua Beach Bums

                                         Accordion yoga

Czech, Slovak

Happy heinies.


Nick kicks ass for America.

Jig to this...

Nick's shore leave takes a turn for the worse.

The Beagles

...the 19 year plan


"Well, I am finally sending you the pictures of CRK’s biggest fans. Now their friends who come over often ask if they can dance to the Irish song & the pizza song. You have quite a following in Laurel Elementary and Harlansburg Presby Pre-School!"















A bit about Nick

Nick Bartlone was born a poor black child of a sharecropper family in the Mississippi Delta. Eating rocks, bark, dirt and polyvinyl chloride waste took their toll on Nick as he was growing up, and he was seized early with the desire to play the accordion. Electroshock therapy did not dissuade him from this, and, in early 1919, his parents threw him down a well in East Muffmunch, Wisconsin. A passing Marine battalion took pity on the soggy imp and, after a shave and a race change, inducted him into the Corps. He met a woman in a red dress and moved to Yuma. It was all downhill after that.

Musical influences: Wallace and Ladmo, Tricky Dick and Spiro.

Astrological sign: Malnop, the wounded fruit bat.

Other unprintables:  Women love to touch his monkey. Plays birthday parties.

Claim to fame:  Played Boise - Sang with Ralph Nader at the "Sell Out Now!" 20 Man March.

What's a Chuckawalla?

A chuckawalla is long-legged Italian girl on her 18th birthday ten seconds past midnight smothered in marinara sauce.

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