To each of you who've said, “What a shame St. Patrick's Day only comes once a year,” congratulations. We're

introducing Yuma to a tradition well known to Irish music drunks in other boroughs: Halfway to St. Patrick's

Day. September 17 is the day, and it falls on Saturday this year. Ricky at Jimmie Dee's said, “Hell, why not?”

and promised green beer, plastic leprechaun hats and other shamrock clichés hitherto trotted out only on

March 17.


“Never a cover” is Jimmie Dee's motto, but they will be asking for donations at the door for the American

Red Cross Hurricane Katrina efforts. Attaboy, Rick.


Ricky even said we could get loud. Hope you guys pack the place. To quote the Mollys: “Dance, you wankers.”