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St. Patrick's Day 2005! 


Burgers & Beer. This is where we heard the Buffet                 Burgers & Beer

was closing.                                                              


Burgers & Beer                                                                  The Burgers & Beer staff sport the tatoos Nick sent

                                                                                        from Hawaii.


Colby's lunch at Paradise Casinos                                          Famous Sam's


Famous Sam's                                                                     Famous Sam's


Mina and Wendell at Famous Sams                                         Is this an Irish breed with a thirst for Guinness?



Leone and Jon snag a nap in the middle of the chaos.             Perry, Scott and the guy who thinks Colby tells

                                                                                       jokes too fast


Lori and Vick inhale Guinness.                                             Vick, Tammy and Ed


Women brave enough to dance a jig in Yuma                          Who are these people and why don't they remove

                                                                                        more of their clothing?


They come early, stay late and drink hard. Their                    Addled by Guinness, Lori attempts to floss with

intestines are bright green.                                                 her bow in the kitchen of Famous Sam's.


Jon inhales.....uh, several things simultaneously.                     The traditional bag o' tacos


This was Patti's last call of the day. She said later she             A gift from Jerry left in the reading room. Patti's lamp

woke up with the cell phone crammed in her ear.                  is on the right.



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