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The "We'll Play If They're Payin'" Tour

St. Patrick's Day 2004



Burgers & Beer - March 17..the first of three performances that day.

Guinness at noon.

Lily peeks.

Paradise Casino - March 17. The second stage of Irish music torture.


Patti says the baby is now sick of hearing "Black Velvet Band" and

"I'll Tell Me Ma" and kicks wildly when we play them.

Famous Sams-March 17. Performance #3. Fingers numb, green food

dye everywhere, incesssant 6/8 beat in brain....who are these people

and why do they torment us? The band is cheered somewhat by the

thought that perhaps Tim Finnegan really is dead.

A fan professes undying devotion to Irish bass playing and Nick's monkey.


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