Lori's daughter, Mary, wails on the harmonica at Grandpa Stofft's house.

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Lori Does Sundance


Texas Bluebonnets


Mary in Braids


Lori & Mary


Lori recommends...

An erratic photo-diversion into Lori's past.

                           "Hey, whatza...uh, mmmmm?"

A bit about Lori


Plays: Fiddle, Punk Mandolin, Vocals

Day job: Masochistic Marketing

Hometown:  Yuma, Arizona, though she denies it.

Musical beginnings:  Poked a schoolmate in the eye with a violin bow in 5th grade

Musical influences:  Slug Me, the Vaginal Indiscretions, Rubber Hummer Dummy, Barney Fife

Astrological sign:  Urkel, the Incontinent Aardvark

Other unprintables:  At 6, buried brother Jim in a copier paper box in family backyard "for fun."

Favorite venues:  The Snotslingin' Pigmy, Detroit - Pete's Fat Wife, Marana - Screaming DT's - Tucson

Claim to fame:  "Chatted" with Joan Jett in a locked broom closet 20 minutes backstage.


What's a Chuckawalla?

A chuckawalla is a dust mite clinging to a hair follicle in Michael's mustache.


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