Holy cow…. what a difference from the first CD to the second. 


I liked the first one, especially the vocals in “For Lovin' Me" and the instrumental in “Mr. Isaac's Maggot.”  They seem to anticipate where the group was going.


The second CD is way better recording quality, better signal. Compressed?  Tighter sound.  And you have arrangements and endings.  Nicely done. 


The riff at the end of “Dance Hall Girls” is great, and it's cool that you had the balls to just run with that riff for a significant period of time at the end.  I loved it.  You had another instrumental--was it the 12th cut?--that was excellent.  I think your pairing of the fiddle with the whistle, or the accordion was smart.  Lori seems more relaxed and at ease with her fiddling on the second CD, and putting her into an ensemble sound rather than leaving her naked worked well. 


I liked the addition of the six string instead of all 12 string.  The bass playing on both CDs was excellent, strong…great intonation with good choice of notes and voicings.  And it sounds like y'all have a great time when you play.  Colby's octave mando really adds.


Thanks for sending those.  I'll try to remember to send out my crap.


Carrell W. Abbott

May 18, 2006


Mr. Abbott is the man who introduced the band to "The Hand of the Almighty" a heart-warming gospel tune by John R. Butler. Listen to Mr. Butler's music at CD Baby: http://cdbaby.com/cd/johnrbutler.

We await Mr. Abbott's crap with eager expectations.