You Guys Do Hot Production?


You betcha. If you must have hot production, we'll serve it up. Graphics will fly, text will explode, music

will pound and announcers will growl. Your logo will be animated and HUGE--JUST FREAKING ENORMOUS.

We often find, though, that advertisers request hot production for reasons other than smart marketing.

There are hard facts that drive people to buy your product or service. We use these facts to create a message that brings them to you. Production serves that message. If the production must fly, explode, pound and growl to communicate the message, great--let's do it.

If not, it detracts from the message. It puts focus on the wrong things. It wastes your money.

The advertising we create for your business does not seek to be excessively entertaining or pointlessly inventive. It doesn't try to mirror the bad habits of other local advertisers. It doesn't include guessing or wishing about media or audience. It relies on a small set of hard facts about how people use your business and how they use media.